Remodeling and Additions

You live in a great neighborhood, but your house may no longer meet all of your needs. Perhaps you desire more space, need to improve the functionality of certain rooms, wish to add an outdoor living space, or simply want a fresh new look. From building additions and renovations to basement finishes, we are ready to manage your project from concept to completion.

At Sierra we understand the complexities associated with remodeling or adding on to an existing structure. New construction must seamlessly blend with the existing architecture. 3-D modeling is invaluable at this stage, allowing our clients to better visualize and fine tune their project before construction begins and changes become costly. Scheduling and adequate on-site supervision are essential to minimize disruptions to your daily life, ensure construction quality, and quickly address any unforeseen conditions that may present themselves. Finally, appropriate project management systems are necessary to promote outstanding communication between all parties, control current and future costs, manage subcontractors, and address changes.

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